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Process Safety Management


Process Safety Management

Meeting federal safety regulations from OSHA, EPA and DHS often means implementing a robust and complex Process Safety Management system. At Refrigeration Concepts, we stay on top of the changing regulations and have been successfully guiding our customers through our fine-tuned PSM system since we were founded.


We are pleased to offer the following services either individually or as a part of a larger program assessment:

  • Complete PSM system, including initial PHA, development, document generation, and training.

  • Compliance Audits. Required every three years, these audits are designed to prove the effectiveness of your PSM system, as well as identify any deficiencies or other potential areas of improvement.

  • Process Hazard Analysis. In addition to the initial PHA, RCI will also perform your five-year review. We have many years of experience in identifying and working through correction plans for existing hazards.

Mechanical Integrity Audits

  • RCI will inspect, test and generate a comprehensive corrective action list for your equipment and system. We follow that up with complete documentation of the audit and corrective plan.

  • We will develop written operating and maintenance procedures that are in line with all manufacturers’ recommendations and requirements.

  • With our service oriented industry experience, RCI will provide the necessary maintenance training to your employees who are involved in your processes

Employee Training

RCI can provide the information and training your employees need if they work with your ammonia refrigeration equipment and process. Specific areas include:

  • Generic Ammonia Awareness

  • System-Specific Overview

  • Ammonia Refrigeration Cycle Course 1 (Basic) and Cycle Course 2(Advanced)

  • Manufacturer-Specific Equipment Operation and Maintenance

  • PSM Program Training

  • Controls System Operation and Trouble shooting.

  • Standard Operating Procedures; Procedures and Training developed specifically for your organization for the safe operation and maintenance of your system.

Overview of PSM Requirements

Requirements for PSM systems are established by a number of federal departments and agencies. OSHA and the EPA have primary authority. OSHA focuses on employee safety within the facility premises and, with the EPA, focuses on the safety of the surrounding community.

Other Governments Programs include the following:

  • OSHA PSM Standard

  • EPA “Anhydrous Ammonia at Refrigeration Facilities

  • EPA Clean Air Act, Risk Management Programs

  • EPA General Duty Clause for <10,000 lbs.


  • DHS “Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards” CFATS

  • Chemical Security Assessment Tool

If your facility houses more than the threshold quantity of Anhydrous Ammonia as determined for your state, you are subject to the requirements of OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.119 as well as the EPA’s 40 CFR 68.
Regulatory Requirements:



Your PSM system should be a living and constantly evolving system, so why not integrate a living and constantly evolving software solution that enables increased flexibility, efficiency and customization? RCI is an official supplier of APSM. With compliance software tools from APSM integrated into every element of your PSM system, you can improve efficiency, documentation and overall compliance.